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Microsoft mulls more security certs

The rumor mill says Microsoft has some new security exams rarin' to go. But the reality mill says an expanded security certification is still on the drawing board -- if that far along.

Microsoft is exploring the idea of expanding its security certification, but right now there are no concrete plans to offer any new exams.

The word from the IT rumor mill is that there are already exam numbers in place -- as well as some defined content.

Dan Truax, group manager of Microsoft certification strategies, said although Microsoft has two existing exams that focus on security, the company recognizes that there may be interest in creating additional testing, possibly with regard to security implementation from the job perspective of a systems engineer.

"We have a set of content, and given the exams we do today, then how does the individual want to be recognized?" Truax said.

Microsoft already offers exams in security design and on Internet security. Truax said the company accepting feedback from customers to determine if the extra certification is something they really want.

It may not result in a separate credential, but it might "be something that augments what we already have."

At CompTIA in an interview with, a Microsoft executive said the company was considering expanding its security certification. There were rumors that those tests were well underway in terms of their development, but Truax said that is not the case.

Microsoft is currently doing focus groups and plans to launch what it calls a job task analysis to help make a decision once it completes receiving feedback.

Truax said previous security exams took about a year to develop.


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