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Microsoft puts more in storage

Storage -- it's a big deal. Microsoft evidently thinks so. The company has enlisted Precise Software's TruStor technology to manage disk space quotas for the forthcoming "Longhorn" operating system.

Microsoft has licensed a storage technology that gives IT administrators much greater control over what their end users can load onto company servers.

Microsoft will license the features of Precise Software Solution's TruStor technology, which will manage disk space quotas for the future version of its operating system code-named "Longhorn," according to Najaf Husain, president of Precise W. Quinn, the storage resource management arm of Precise in Westwood, Mass.

Longhorn is the version of the Microsoft's server operating system that follows .NET Server. There are no dates set for shipment of Longhorn, but .NET Server is expected sometime in 2003.

The TruStor technology helps IT administrators allocate storage for users, applications or devices. Not only can managers control the amount of space that each person gets, they can also manage the types of files that people want to save to a server.

"Managers may not want MP3 or Zip files, or any file that is not business-critical," Husain said.

TruStor technology is already installed on Windows-based network attached storage (NAS) devices as a result of earlier agreements with Dell, IBM and Compaq.

Steve Duplessie, a senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group, a Milford, Mass., consulting firm, said Microsoft has shown it is stepping up its interest in storage by the fact that it has placed Bob Muglia in charge of the company's Enterprise Storage Services Group. Muglia was the head of Microsoft's .NET services group, arguably its biggest development project to date.

"Microsoft realizes that storage management is a big deal, and it belongs in more places, not fewer," Duplessie said.


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