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Admin Know-IT-All Question #10

Admin Know-IT-All Question #10

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Today's Know-IT-All answer is:
c. Use the Windows 2000 command-line function, RUNAS

Learn more:

Windows 2000 features a command-line function, RUNAS, which allows a user to execute another program with a different user's credentials. This can be used as a way to provide local users with certain administrative functions in a noninteractive way, without actually granting them the rights to do so.

First, you must create a specially-created account that can perform the needed administrative tasks, but has no local or network logon privileges (to prevent users from logging in as that user and tampering). The desktop user should know the password for this account, but should not be able to change it, log on with it, or use the account in any other way.

Then create a batch file or other executable that contains the needed commands, and place it in a special folder. If you want, you can create a folder that has the permissions described below and allow all children of that folder to inherit the same permissions automatically...

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