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KIA Quiz #8: Hey! Back me up here!

KIA Quiz #8: Hey! Back me up here!

Welcome to our Admin Know-IT-All Quiz!

Mr. Know-IT-All invites you to twist your melon with this question, and then visit the list of related information you'll find on the answer page. Make sure you take full advantage of our IT inquisition, and if you're feeling clever after acing all ten quizes, send Mr. Know-IT-All your suggestions for future questions.

To properly back up IIS 5.0, you must not only make sure to copy all the files served by IIS (the .ASP and .HTM files,) but also:

a. the configuration files found in the IIS 'Config' folder
b. all registry files pertaining to IIS 5.0
c. IIS's internal settings, which are held in the Metabase
d. the IIS server event logs
e. Any and all Vanilla Ice MP3s found on your hard drive

Take your best shot and then CLICK for the correct answer!

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