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Administrator Know-IT-All Quiz round-up

Got an itchy trigger finger, cowpoke? Well then maybe it's time you moseyed on over to the admin Know-IT-All Quiz round-up! See if you're worth yer weight in tumbleweeds and test your gumption against one of the most despicable IT desperados of them all -- Mr. Know-IT-All!

Great galloping palominos! It's already been ten weeks since Mr. Know-IT-All's IT inquisition began and he started gracing our newsletters with with his Administrator Know-IT-All Quizzes.

We thought we should mark this anniversary with a joyful tear and a quick look back at his queries so far -- just in case some of you missed them the first time around. Get out your six shooter, your lasso and your spurs as it's time for the first Admin KIA Quiz round-up. If you like what you see, be sure to sign up for our Administrator newsletter by editing your profile so you can have all of our groovy new admin related content sent to your inbox as it's released.

You lucky sons `o guns will receive his new quizzes every Wednesday with the newsletter, as well as the accompanying IT tips, tricks and site updates. I do declare...

Take the first ten quizzes, sign up for the newsletter and even submit your own questions to Mr. Know-IT-All today!

  • KIA Quiz #1: Dive, dive! -- What's the best way to Create a DOS boot disk for Win2000?

  • KIA Quiz #2: Through the ether -- On an Ethernet network, this is a device that is handling electrical signals improperly. To a network administrator trying to figure out why the network is down, it might look like a device that is always sending.

  • KIA Quiz #3: DSL, my belle -- This is a network device, usually at a telephone company central office, that receives signals from multiple customer DSL connections and puts the signals on a high-speed backbone line.

  • KIA Quiz #4: Start me up -- Which of the following methods is the best for setting a program to run at startup?

  • KIA Quiz #5: Missing in action -- Under some combinations of circumstances, the majority of the icons in the Control Panel may suddenly disappear or be replaced with generic icons that have no functionality. The most likely reason for this is...

  • KIA Quiz #6: Thanks for the memory -- What is the easiest way to stop, unload, reload or restart the IIS process and all of its attendant components on demand?

  • KIA Quiz #7: Logging on and on -- How can you set Windows to automatically log you on as an administrator when you boot up your machine -- without ever having to enter your username and password?

  • KIA Quiz #8: Hey! Back me up here! -- To properly back up IIS 5.0, you must not only make sure to copy all the files served by IIS (the .ASP and .HTM files,) but also...

  • KIA Quiz #9: Islands in the slipstream -- Service Pack 3, the latest Service Pack for Windows 2000, claims to "slipstream" all future installations by...

  • KIA Quiz #10: The impeccable impostor -- To allow a user to execute a program with a different user's credentials, without giving them administrative rights, you should...
Did you enjoy this little round-up? Well get along little doggies! I reckon it's your turn to send me your own suggestions for future Admin Know-IT-All Quizzes, real quick like.

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