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1. What are devldr16 and qttask? And why do they run all the time?

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I have two applications that are continuously running on my computer all the time. One is named devldr16 and the other is named qttask. I traced them back to their original locations and both are in the Windows system folder. What are these applications for and why are they running all the time? If I do not need them to run all the time, what do I do to keep them from running at start up, besides using end task with CTRL-ALT-DEL?

This question posed on 25 June 2002

Qttask is part of Quicktime. Search at for information on that file. Devldr16 is a driver from Creative Labs to provide emulation for DOS games. See for more details. It would seem that both of these programs are legitimate and can run always in the background without negative effects.

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