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What's hot; what's not

What were the hot buttons for Windows admins this year? Not Microsoft technologies! Four of our most-read news stories were about Linux and the highest number of clicks -- more than 28,000 -- went to an interview with the director of database marketing at Oracle.

What were the hot buttons for Windows admins this year? Four of our most popular news stories were about Linux and our highest trafficked article -- racking up a record total of more than 28,000 page views -- was an interview with the director of database marketing at Oracle, part of a series we did on Microsoft alternatives, Kicking the Windows habit: Oracle 9i vs. SQL Server.

That's not to say Microsoft was off the radar screen. In 2002, and members were also keen on reading the technical pointers we offered in several top 10 features about Exchange, Active Directory and security. Your favorite three featured topics were on desktop secrets, VPNs and Microsoft's controversial new licensing program.

Active Directory was also the number one search term, followed by DNS, which was a flip flop of what you searched for most in 2001. On the bottom of the search list were HailStorm, now integrated into the SharePoint collaborative platform, and last year's infamous Code Red virus, which most network admins apparently vanquished.

This very unscientific rating doesn't include True IT bloopers, which were so popular that they would have totally skewed our list had we counted them. Blooper #3, a story about an unhappy IT admin who replaced Lotus Notes e-mail with Exchange, was the top blooper article with roughly 14,000 page views, easily ranking among the top five stories of the year.

Click to find out what other news and features made our Top 25 list of the year's most popular stories. The articles are ranked from highest to lowest clicks.

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