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Ringing in the New Year: 2003 predictions

It's tempting to roll the dice once in a while. In the world of IT, however, that behavior is ill-advised. As one of your info sources of choice, we're here to offer you some guidance. Don't bet the farm, consult our experts!

You'll find that in life, it's tempting to roll the dice once in a while. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. In the world of IT, however, that sort of attitude is ill-advised.

Instead, turn to our panel of Experts for their thoughts on the year in review -- and what's in store for 2003. You'll find their predictions a better bet than wagering your career path, reputation or IT budget on a tip you heard at the track. Remember, always double-down on eleven -- but never gamble with your livelihood.

>> Serdar Yegulalp: Bruised economy, digital rights will top 2003

>> Jerry Honeycutt: Managing Microsoft's many options

>> Ed Tittel: Expect an easy upgrade path to Windows Server .NET

>> Paul Hinsberg: Business practices before new technology

>> Roberta Bragg: Battlefield desktop

>> John Robbins: .Net is a cure for the dot com hangover

>> Tony Northrup: Marooned by the market

>> Doug Paddock: Ancient Chinese security secrets

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