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Admin Know-IT-All Question #33

Admin Know-IT-All Question #33

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Today's Know-IT-All answer is:
c. Simply install Service Pack 3

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ATAPI / IDE drive sizes have gone up explosively in the last few years, with 100 and 200 GB drives now available as consumer-level products instead of exotic specialty items. Because of this dramatic upswing in drive sizes, versions of Windows 2000 before Service Pack 3 seem crippled, being able to see only a maximum IDE disk size of 137 GB.

To work around this problem, Service Pack 3 contains a modification to Windows referred to as 48-bit logical block addressing (or LBA). 48-bit LBA allows Windows 2000 to create and modify partitions and drives larger than 137 GB, but it requires three things: Service Pack 3, an IDE drive of that size or bigger, and a system with a BIOS that can recognize a disk greater then 137 GB. All three of these things must be present...

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