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John Enck: The future of Windows in the enterprise

John Enck's "The future of Windows in the enterprise" session from Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003.

In the last decade Windows server products have evolved from being interesting alternatives to OS/2 to being enterprise-class...

server offerings. In that same time frame, Microsoft has demonstrated fearless dominance of desktops and laptops with its Windows client products. But can Microsoft maintain its hold on these markets? Clearly Microsoft and its products are facing new and serious challenges, including:

  • Linux viability,
  • pricing complexity,
  • security concerns and
  • migration barriers.
In this session, John Enck, vice president, Server and Directory Strategies, Gartner looked at the future of Windows in the enterprise and how Microsoft is rising to face these new challenges.

You can download John's PowerPoint presentation from Enterprise Windows Decisions.

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