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Roberta Bragg: The promise (?) of trustworthy computing

Roberta Bragg's "The promise (?) of trustworthy computing" session from Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003.

Microsoft has a newfound commitment to secure and reliable software. The company appears to have realigned its corporate mission with security by scraping product designs and rebuilding to meet a security curmudgeon's dream. The problem? Most of corporate America has not realigned its security efforts.

Security expert Roberta Bragg graded Microsoft on key initiatives coming out of Redmond during the post-trustworthy computing era. She also rated your peers on how well they are managing their own trustworthy computing environments. She focused on and explained Microsoft's new solid initiative that can be used to improve information security -- if they're used. The initiative includes:

  • security tools,
  • coding changes and
  • updated features in .NET generation products.
Now you can access Roberta's The promise of Trustworthy Computing PowerPoint presentation from the show.

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