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John Terpstra: Linux -- when to use it and why

John Terpstra's "Linux -- when to use it and why" session from Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003.

Linux, you have to love it! At least that's what today's Linux devotees are saying. But to most CIOs the Linux...

story is either an enigma or a mystery. You may believe that Linux is "just not there yet" -- or you may be in the camp that believes it can be used to argue down costs using Microsoft-based network infrastructures. This much we do know, Microsoft made public statements that Linux will hurt their profitability in 2003.

John Terpstra, CEO, PrimaStasys Inc., lead a workshop that took Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003 attendees on a revealing tour through some of the internals of Linux to see how and where a Linux solution may benefit their business. He explored the structure of a Linux platform and components that a business should understand.

John got around the mix of deeply technical jargon as well as intrinsic business-oriented concerns that may dictate the future of an organization. The bottom line? John explained "how Linux will affect your business." Period.

Now you can download John's PowerPoint presentation from the conference.

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