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Laura DiDio: Microsoft's volume licensing options for 2003

Laura DiDio's "Microsoft's volume licensing options for 2003" session from Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003.

What's all the fuss about licensing with Microsoft? Buy a Microsoft platform in mass quantities for users and receive free upgrades -- right? Wrong! Remember the good old days when you just bought upgrades when new product versions shipped? Those days are gone. Now Microsoft wants you to buy your upgrades at the same time as your original product purchase. They call it Software Assurance... but who exactly feels reassured? Is this Microsoft's way to maintain a monopoly, or a legitimate way of helping corporations maintain an even cash flow in the face of technology's ever-increasing pace?

Laura Didio, analyst, Yankee Group, dissected Microsoft's latest licensing schemes and provided sound advice for incorporating them into your IT strategy. She gave an insider's look at Microsoft's licensing programs so attendees could identify the one that best suits their organization. Find out:

  • how Software Assurance works and how it affects a bottom line,
  • how to integrate other IT strategies -- such as hardware refreshes -- with Microsoft licensing,
  • the differences between Microsoft licensing options: per processor, per seat and per client and
  • how Microsoft licensing compares to the competition's -- how different is the MS way?
Feel free to download Laura's PowerPoint presentation from Enterprise Windows Decisions.

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