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Howard Marks: Active Directory workshops

Howard Marks' Active Directory workshops from Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003.

Getting started with Active Directory

With the demise of Windows NT support we'll all have to move to Active Directory soon if we haven't already. In his session at Enterprise Windows Decisions, Howard Marks, Founder and Chief Scientist of Networks Are Our Lives, discussed Active Directory structure and elements like forests, trees and group policy objects.

Howard drew from his experience in implementing and upgrading Active Directory at many large companies. He shared his knowledge when he explored the process of moving a production network from Windows NT domains to the promised land of Active Directory management. Howard left attendees with:

  • a clear understanding of Active Directory,
  • the benefits of this implementation and
  • a step-by-step workbook that was designed as a guide through an AD implementation.
Feel free to download Howard's Getting started with AD PowerPoint presentation from the show.

Active Directory beyond the basics

For those attendees who have been working, or at least playing, with Active Directory for a few years now and can handle forests and trees as easily as Paul Bunyon, Howard Marks presented some of the more advanced issues they probably haven't run into yet, including:

  • securing your forest, replication and bandwidth,
  • living with multiple forests and
  • taking full advantage of the Active Directory enhancements in Windows 2003 Server.
You can also download this PowerPoint presentation.

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