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Paul Kimmel: .NET and Web services: What they mean for the enterprise

Paul Kimmel's ".NET and Web services: What they mean for the enterprise" session from Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003.

Web services are one of the most pivotal technologies to emerge in the last decade. They have the potential to...

be second only to the Internet itself in importance and impact on corporate and consumer users. Currently, Web services are more hype than substance. Mainstream adoption of Web services is at least two to three years away and the reasons are obvious: designing, building and deploying a Web services architecture is costly, complex, time-consuming and an extremely challenging endeavor. And this is at a time when corporations are overwhelmingly cash-constrained and struggling to find IT purchasing dollars for the most basic necessities like new PCs and printers. Complicating matters is that Web services architecture with all its concomitant components: dueling protocols, devices, management tools and the ever-elusive "killer applications" that will spur mainstream market adoption, are still very much works in progress.

In this session, Paul Kimmel, chief architect, Software Conceptions, Inc., delivered practical, tactical advice on preparing an environment for a migration to a Web services environment and the costs involved. He also provided a detailed overview of Web services':

  • trends,
  • products,
  • protocols,
  • standards and
  • leading vendors.
You can download Paul's PowerPoint presentation from the show.

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