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Tom Pisello: How to lower TCO in your Windows environment

Tom Pisello's "How to lower TCO in your Windows environment" session from Enterprise Windows Decisions 2003.

There is no magic formula for lowering TCO in a Windows environment because organizations vary so dramatically...

in size, structure and market. Other things one must consider when calculating TCO include whether or not a company has the latest and greatest hardware, and if an IT staff requires training in the newest platform. Plus, there's the consideration of what you're migrating from -- are you going from NetWare to Windows 2000 or are you going from NT to 2000? And these are just a few of the factors involved in calculating TCO.

Tom Pisello, CEO/founder and president, Alinean, put these considerations into perspective during his presentation at Enterprise Windows Decisions. He presented a worksheet that helped attendees find the formula that best matches their organization and gave a real understanding of TCO for specific requirements.

You can download Tom's PowerPoint presentation from the conference.

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