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KIA Quiz #34: Rock n' rollback

KIA Quiz #34: Rock n' rollback

Welcome to another Know-IT-All Quiz!

Mr. Know-IT-All invites you to twist your melon with this question, and then visit the list of related information you'll find on the answer page. Make sure you take full advantage of our IT inquisition, and if you're feeling clever after acing all of our quizzes, send Mr. Know-IT-All your suggestions for future questions.

The NTFS log file is a circular log of all file operations, kept on disk so that unsuccessful operations can be rolled back safely. If the log fills up, all NTFS file operations are suspended until the log is cycled through and flushed out to disk. To address the problem you can:

a. Reset the file using your Control Panel
b. Increase the size of the NTFS log file by using the CHKDSK tool
c. Upgrade from a single disk to a striped RAID array
d. Both b. and c.
e. Play air-guitar to the XP startup theme

Take your best shot and then CLICK for the correct answer!

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