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Microsoft delivers first stop on DSI road map

Microsoft has announced the first release candidate for its Automated Deployment Services (ADS). It's the first stop on the road to self-aware applications.

The first piece of Microsoft Corp.'s long-range strategy to build self-aware applications became available today on a limited basis.

Microsoft said that the first deliverable of its Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) road map, Automated Deployment Services (ADS) Release Candidate One, is now available. ADS is a server provisioning and administration tool that will be used to deliver technology for DSI. ADS will be generally available later this fall, company officials said.

Microsoft is putting in place its Dynamic Systems Initiative, which is its brand of autonomic computing. DSI builds an architecture that is based on a set of code called the Systems Definition Model, which provides an XML blueprint for deploying and managing applications. It unites hardware, software and services around a software architecture.

ADS has been tested since March by a handful of customers. Windows Server 2003 provides the initial OS support for ADS and other tools. ADS includes a controller which coordinates administration activity throughout application deployment and administration.

DSI will have a huge impact on Microsoft's products, particularly its next-generation unified management architecture, called System Center. The architecture will let IT staff encode management knowledge into the software.


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