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Admin Know-IT-All Question #42

Admin Know-IT-All Question #42

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Today's Know-IT-All answer is:
b. They have to be added manually to the Windows server

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Windows XP Professional is turning up on more and more corporate desktops as the successor to Windows 9x as well as Windows 2000 Professional. While XP Professional is designed to be managed by Windows 2000 Server and Active Directory, there's often a crucial element missing: support on the Windows 2000 Server side for new Windows XP-only Group Policy functions.

XP supports all the existing Windows 2000 Group Policy options, but XP also has a whole new slew of them that can't be set by default in Windows 2000. The reason? They don't exist yet on the Windows server. The good news is they can be added in without a great deal of difficulty.

To do this you'll need...

>> Read the full article entitled 'You'll want to do this Win2k upgrade'.
>> Learn about changing policy settings in a domain GPO .

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