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Windows Server 2003 service pack timeframe released

The first service pack for Windows Server 2003 will be ready in early 2004, Microsoft says.

Microsoft recently posted to its Web site a road map that details when upcoming service packs will be available.

The first service pack for Windows Server 2003, which will contain hotfixes and any other updates that are discovered by customers or by Microsoft's own engineers, will be ready in early 2004.

Even though Microsoft always recommends that customers keep their servers on the most current service packs, it's not always so easy for customers to make that happen, because the service packs must be tested before they are installed.

But the recent attack of the Lovsan, or Blaster, worm has caused some customers to evaluate their corporate policies on service pack installations. Matt Krieger, director of infrastructure architecture at Reader's Digest Association Inc., the Pleasantville, N.Y., publisher, said his company may consider reallocating its staff so that there are more tech support people available to test service packs.

"When you're pushing a service pack to 4,000 machines, it is nontrivial," Krieger said.

Krieger said his company is re-evaluating its stance on service pack installations and will develop a global statement for all of its companies.


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