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Web sites for Windows admins -- honorable mentions

When we asked our experts and contributors which sites they thought were most important for Windows administrators, we got many answers. But it's a Top 10 list, so we could only pick 10. Here are the runner ups -- all great IT resources that are worth a look.

When we asked our experts and contributors which sites they thought were most important for Windows administrators,...

we got many answers. But it's a Top 10 list, so we could only pick 10. Here are the runner ups -- all great IT resources that are worth a look. This is a CNET site that offers tons of downloads. From spam filters to screensavers, you'll find just about any type of download or utility. Some are free, some aren't. You can check out the 'Most Popular' and 'Our Favorite Freeware' sections for what's hot with other users. We've all felt the fever of an eBay bidding war and the high after winning an auction. It's like the biggest, coolest flea market in the world. But for IT? One of our experts swears by eBay for when he's trying to find a particularly obscure piece of hardware.

Expert's Exchange: Experts Exchange offers access to experts who cover just about every IT topic under the sun: databases Web development, programming, operating systems, networking, security, storage and more. The site also offers webcasts and white papers. You have to be a member to access content, but membership is free. Find any computer product you want on Price Watch. Retailers list their hardware, software and electronic products on this site with real-time pricing provided through Price Watch's proprietary Info-Link system. Prices on any given product are listed in ascending order by price. You can browse by category or brand name, or use the search function to find something specific. One of our experts called this 'the safest place to download and test network intrusion utilities.' The site is run by a self-confessed hacker named Fyodor who has set up this site to provide security-related computer information to IT peers. He provides a few free utilities, his most famous being Nmap, which performs network security auditing and ping scans, port scanning techniques, TCP/IP fingerprinting and more. This site also archives several well-known full disclosure security mailing lists, including Bugtraq, which is one of the sites that made our top 10.

John Savill's FAQ for Windows: John Savill is kind of a one-man show working under the umbrella of the Windows & .NET Magazine Network. On this site, Savill provides answers to frequently asked questions about everything Windows, including Windows 2000, SQL Server and Exchange. This site provides free e-mail alerts whenever any new Microsoft Knowledge Base articles are published.

Microsoft's Newsgroups Web access: Here you'll find a slew of Microsoft newsgroups categorized by Microsoft technology or topic that you can view through a pop-up Web-based reader. If you've ever wanted to get involved in a newsgroup in a low maintenance way, here's a great option for you.

Security Scan Freeware: This site is all about security freeware. Each download includes a brief description of what the utility does, when it was last updated, its file size, how many downloads it receives daily, total downloads to date, current rank and historical rank. Even though you're Windows admins, we know that many of you are forced to work with other platforms, including Linux and Unix. That is why we've included this site as an honorable mention; it offers a massive repository of open source code and applications. Here you'll find the latest news on beta programs and product updates. You'll also find tons of articles on hardware, software and the registry, as well as general interest and gaming articles.

Win32 Scripting: Whether it's VBS, Java, Perl, command line, Python, Rexx or Kixstart, you are going to find a decent sample here. This is a community supported site that has continued to grow over the years.

What sites do you rely on regularly to do your job? Let us know and we'll do a follow-up article or featured topic to share the feedback we receive on this featured topic.

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