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Members speak out!

When we published our experts' favorite Web sites earlier this month, members reacted with a mix of praise and outrage. So we asked to hear from you.

The recent Featured Topic, Top 10 sites for Windows admins, hit a home run. In fact, it scored more page views than any other Featured Topic ever! But it wasn't without controversy.

Many of you e-mailed to thank us while others wrote expressing confused curiosity as to why we had left out what you considered to be obvious candidates for the top 10 and honorable mentions. So we asked to hear from you. Your suggestions are the sum of this week's Featured Topic.

Suggestions ranged from the obvious -- sites like Windows & .NET Magazine and -- to lesser known sites like and And then there were a couple that seemed to stretch the definition of "IT resource" -- like, which one reader swears is an indispensable resource for his job as an "IT road warrior."

Hope you like this week's Featured Topic -– our members favorite Windows Web sites. Thanks to all of you who helped us put this one together. Enjoy!

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