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Mydoom was 'no big deal' for most admins

The mass-mailing Mydoom worm was a major headache for some, but it didn't faze the overwhelming majority of respondents to a recent survey.

The various versions of Mydoom caused major headaches for companies such as the SCO Group -- whose site was brought down by the e-mail worm -- but for most Exchange administrators, Mydoom wasn't much of a problem, according to a new survey.

In an online poll of 131 users, nearly three-quarters of the respondents said that Mydoom was "no big deal."

That's not to say it was smooth sailing for all users, however. A total of 15% of respondents said that they were still feeling the effects of Mydoom. And 11% of respondents said that the worm was "bad," but they were over the worst of it.

To read Microsoft's advice on how to deal with Mydoom, visit the TechNet alert called PSS Security Response Team Alert - New Worm: W32/Mydoom@MM.

To weigh in on's new reader poll, click on this question: Will you migrate off Exchange 5.5 this year?


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