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10 Tips to help combat spam

How can you effectively fight spam? has some solutions, as collected in the following Tips.

Trying to keep unwanted e-mail at bay is a significant challenge that you face daily, and is one of the biggest problems on the Internet today. Dealing with the problem has taken many roads, as the market for anti-spam services, third-party tools and other ways to combat spam continue to grow.

For both corporate users and ISP subscribers, the spam problem is rapidly getting worse, as spammers increase their output and conjure up new ways to bypass existing filters. According to the Radicati Group Inc., a Palo Alto, Calif. market research firm, the percentage of total spam messages will grow from 52% of all messages in 2004 to 70% of all messages by 2007. And it's not just annoying. It's costly. Radicati said that spam cost IT about $49 per mailbox in 2003. That figure is expected to leap to $257 per mailbox in 2007.

How can you deal with effectively fighting spam? has some solutions, as collected in the following Tips. While these Tips will not answer all of your spam-related problems, they are a useful springboard to help you in the fight against spam.

10 Tips to help combat spam

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