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10 security Tips in 10 minutes

Check out these Tips to help combat Spam, viruses and other security related issues that probably take up more of your time than you care to think about.

When it comes to security headaches, you should get an award for tolerance and problem solving skills. Microsoft Exchange by its very nature is open to security breeches, and that means you spend time on security related issues on a regular basis.

But beyond that, you also think you spend too much of your day solving security related problems. According to a recent poll conducted by, 51% of respondents said they spend between a quarter and half of their time on security related issues, while 23% of those responding said they spend more than half of their time on these problems.

While security will also be one of your concerns, Microsoft has announced several strategies to help make its products more secure after 2003's security migraine. One is making improvements to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay for Exchange. The new boundary agent at the edge of the network would, among other things, provide "e-mail Caller ID" to authenticate mail before it is accepted by Exchange Server. Microsoft has also said that it will make patches in the future that can be "reversed out" and implemented without having to reboot systems.

In the meantime, you still need resources on how to fight spam, viruses and other culprits that threaten the security of your messaging system.

We have collected 10 quick tips here that may help!

Tip 1: Beware of blended threats

Tip 2: Outlook 2003 tool filters spam

Tip 3: Third-party security to the rescue, Part 1

Tip 4: Dos and Don'ts: Scanning Exchange For Viruses

Tip 5: Help secure Exchange with Encrypting File System

Tip 6: Reducing spam e-mail

Tip 7: Security 'to-do' list

Tip 8: Outlook's protection against harmful files gives a one-two punch

Tip 9: Outlook Wizard rules more than spam

Tip 10: Security roll call: online resources to the rescue

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