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News from Enterprise Messaging Decisions 2004

Check here for a wrap-up of Enterprise Messaging Decisions 2004, including coverage of sessions featuring Windows expert and author Mark Minasi and Groove Networks founder Ray Ozzie.

Windows expert and author Mark Minasi and Groove Networks founder Ray Ozzie were among this year's featured speakers at Enterprise Messaging Decisions 2004. For a wrap-up of the conference's highlights, check out the following links to coverage provided by

What e-mail problems keep CIOs up at night? A recent study got to the bottom of managers' messaging worries.

Your return on investment checklist for Exchange 2003 should reach beyond the financials and delve into the technical benefits that provide a better total return, according to one expert.

Few names are bigger in the collaboration software community than Ozzie's. The father of Lotus Notes sounds off on e-mail's limitations, Lotus' strategy and why he's so bullish about his latest peer-to-peer venture.

An e-mail policy expert offers advice on how to limit messaging system vulnerabilities without breaking the bank.

Companies that don't have a sound e-mail policy open themselves up to potential lawsuits and public embarrassment. An expert offers insight on what your organization's plan should include.

Windows author and technology commentator Mark Minasi offers his take on what's to come in the Longhorn operating system.

The man who wrote the book on fighting spam said some of today's popular techniques work, but others don't.

Attendees at TechTarget's Enterprise Messaging Decisions conference say that BlackBerrys and other wireless messaging devices are only getting more popular, but security is still a concern.

Experts claim that firms large and small can benefit from e-mail outsourcing, but one user said managed e-mail services have caused him nothing but trouble.

Two industry experts at Enterprise Messaging Decisions offer their tips and advice on how to run a secure e-mail system and avoid messaging disasters.

Virus writers, spammers and even the feds are straining e-mail systems. And if you think things are bad today, tougher times are likely ahead.

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