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Longhorn to offer plethora of features

Windows author and technology commentator Mark Minasi offers his take on what's to come in the Longhorn operating system.

CHICAGO -- IT professionals will have a wealth of "under the hood stuff" to look forward to when Microsoft introduces its next-generation desktop operating system, code-named Longhorn.

That was one of the points made by Mark Minasi, Windows author and technology commentator at Enterprise Messaging Decisions 2004, as he hit on the highlights of the much-anticipated operating system.

"It's a change, but not a huge change," Minasi said.

It's a change, but not a huge change.

Mark Minasi, author,

Windows expert,
Admins will have to wait a while to judge for themselves, because Microsoft's Bill Gates has said publicly that a release date of 2006 for the new OS is likely.

In addition to what Minasi calls the "under the hood stuff for coders," Longhorn will have a new user interface called Avalon. Some of the other new technology includes a smarter file system called WinFS, another generation of Web services called Indigo, and a powerful and "fascinating" scripting tool called "MSH," or Monad.

Among the high points of Monad: it lets you build scripts that can do just about anything that Longhorn can do, it directly works on .NET objects and it can directly output to text tables, HTML, XML, Excel and SQL. He said that the best part of Monad for users is its "reflection" feature, which lets users find the names of the objects and methods to make the OS

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do what they want it to.

The hardware vision for Longhorn, Minasi predicted, will include two levels of computers. He said that the technology will be able to view items based on attributes and is, in reality, a relational database. Longhorn will also have "sealed storage" with all data encrypted, Minasi said. "Your hard disk is now the "vault" and only trusted apps can see the data."

But Minasi also told the IT decision makers that they should check out what her referred to as "Shorthorn."

"Shorthorn, or XP SP 2, will change your life," Minasi said. The XP SP 2, known as Springboard inside Microsoft, has several new fixes that mostly address security issues --long a problem for Microsoft. "The SP could stand for security pack," he said.

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