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The 2004 Microsoft Report Card

For the third consecutive year, has polled Windows professionals for their opinions on a number of Microsoft products and services. Read what your peers had to say this year.

For the third consecutive year, has polled Windows professionals for their opinions on a number...

of Microsoft products and services, ranging from its flagship operating system to the free Software Update Services utility. We've also asked users to let us know how Microsoft is doing in securing their products and how they treat their customers. The results this year show that while users find that Microsoft has several areas in which it needs to improve, the software maker has won points for the strides it has made in the past 12 months.

In this year's polling, which was conducted this spring, nearly 1,000 IT administrators and managers voiced their opinions. They were asked to "grade" Microsoft products and services on a 1 to 5 scale, with 1 a failing grade and 5 a top grade, as well as to describe how important they consider related items such as the Microsoft certification program.

Following is a series of articles based on what users had to say in the report card survey. If you'd like to lend your voice to this discussion, please send us an e-mail. Be sure to include "2004 Microsoft Report Card" in the subject line.

The latest version of Microsoft's server operating system has been a security success in the eyes of respondents to a recent survey. Can Redmond build on that success?

Being book smart can only take you so far as an IT professional these days. Find out how Microsoft and others are challenging IT pros to be all that they can be.

Customer perceptions about Microsoft on everything from security to customer relations have taken a positive turn over the past year, new research finds.

In a new survey, nearly 1,000 IT administrators and managers rate the quality of a number of Microsoft products and services, including Windows Server 2003, Active Directory and Systems Management Server.

Users give high marks to Microsoft's messaging platform in newly released research. Find out how the new kid on the block, Exchange Server 2003, fared in this year's 2004 Microsoft Report Card Survey.

Reversing last year's trend, fewer Windows administrators say they are going to make the switch to Linux.

Software Assurance. Licensing 6.0. These are still alien terms to many of the 1,000 IT managers and administrators who responded to a recent survey. Can anything bring down the wall of confusion?

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