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Migration Advice

Check out our migration advice.

If you are planning to migrate off Exchange 5.5. this year, then you are probably looking for tips and advice on how to do so as painlessly as possible.

Earlier this year many of you told us that you do plan to migrate to Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003. According to a survey conducted in February, 79% of respondents said they plan to migrate off Exchange 5.5. before the end of 2004, while 22% said they did not have plans to do so. The remaining respondents weren't sure if they would make the change this year or not.

While Microsoft Deployment Tools will take you through four paths to prepare for a migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003, which is a standard deployment path because the mailboxes co-exist together, we have collected our own tips and expert advice that may also prove helpful.

Check out this advice as you make your move.

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Migrating the Exchange server to a new domain
ASK THE EXPERTS: I have been tasked with migrating our W2K domain (native mode) to a new W2K3 domain. This new domain will be a child domain in a different tree. Our Exchange server is running 5.5 (SP4) on NT 4.0 (SP6). We will not upgrade the Exchange server because of my parent company's e-mail consolidation plan scheduled for next year. Is it possible to migrate the Exchange server to the new domain?

Moving from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003
ASK THE EXPERTS: We are moving from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 (native mode). The old/new environment are in different Forests. Please explain how we can move several hundred folders residing under "Internet Newsgroups/Public Folders." The content is accessible under NNTP (Outlook Express) and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Setting up connection agreements
ASK THE EXPERTS: We are planning on migrating Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. We have more than 40 Exchange 5.5 sites, each in their own NT 4.0 domain. What is the best way to migrate the user accounts and where do I create the ADC Connection Agreements (CAs)? Can I do it to one location, or do I have to create a CA to each location?

Moving mailboxes in Active Directory
ASK THE EXPERTS: We need to move several hundred mailbox enabled users between two Active Directory (AD) domains within the same AD forest. Are there any elegant solutions for this without exporting to PST files?

Migrating Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 in the correct sequence
ASK THE EXPERTS: I am getting ready to migrate my Exchange 2000 server to Exchange 2003. I am also migrating my domain controllers and Exchange Server to Windows 2003. I heard that I should upgrade Exchange first, upgrade the Domain Controllers second, and then take care of the Exchange server OS. Is this the correct sequence?

Wrapping up an upgrade from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003
ASK THE EXPERTS: I just finished installing the Exchange 2003 software on a new server that will replace my existing Exchange 2000 server. I ran domain and forest prep, and now it is just sitting there waiting for me to move the 35 mailboxes. We do not use offline address books or public folders. Shouldn't it be a piece of cake to move my mailboxes, and then remove Exchange from the current server (which is a 2nd DC)?

Renaming your Exchange server
ASK THE EXPERT: I have a Win2000 server with Exchange 2000 installed. We're moving to a new Win2003 server with Exchange 2003. Once mailboxes are moved, can the new server be renamed?

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