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True IT Blooper Contest

The grand prize, two battling laser tag robots, was won by A.S. his amazing story. But the race was very close - check out the runner-ups here!

The May Blooper contest is over and we have a winner! A.S., a former technical support lead from Illinois, snagged the top spot with "Memory flush deluxe". This is the unbelievable story of a user whose computer rebooted every time he flushed the toilet. An obvious prank? On the contrary, it was a perfectly legit problem - and A.S. and his team of tech support people had to figure it out!

At the end of the contest period, our readers had rated this story 4.6 on a scale 1 to 5. This landed A.S. the first prize: a pair of battling, remote controlled laser tag robots. But the competition was tough - we received almost 30 equally amazing, amusing and just plain odd stories! We run a new blooper in the Daily News every Friday, so keep your eyes open for runners-up over the next few months.

If you can't wait, check out the Blooper Archive. It is packed with 114 zany stories, ready to brighten an otherwise dull or stress-filled day. Here you will find classics such as Gutter ball, The placebo keyboard, Loopy loopback and The rules of attraction.

I bet you have a story of your own to tell. Not to worry, names can be changed to protect the innocent... and the guilty for that matter. Either way, the important thing is that we get to hear your story. Submit your best blooper to today!

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