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Nemx antispam software for Exchange watches for 'friendly domains'

"Friendly domain" technology aims to help administrators efficiently decipher between spam and legitimate business e-mail.

Nemx Software released a new version of its Power Tools antispam software designed for Exchange Server that is designed to reduce the number of quarantined e-mails that administrators need to examine on a day-to-day basis using a new function called "friendly domains."

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 The software includes functionality designed specifically to measure the frequency and destination of e-mails that an organization sends through externally through Exchange Server and automatically sets up a list of "friendly domains." Unlike white listing technologies that require IT administrators to manually create lists of legitimate domains, "friendly domain" technology intuitively identifies which domains are those of actual business partners and customers. This lets IT administrators configure Power Tools 4.2 to automatically delete all identified spam, while legitimate e-mail will then be forwarded on for virus checking before arriving in end-user inboxes.

Friendly domain functionality will be integrated with Power Tools' existing features, including Concept Manager, a technique that uses thesaurus matching to monitor and block e-mail based on the entire concept of a message. Combined with friendly domains, Concept Manager will provide businesses with more granularity to e-mail concepts for detecting what is and is not spam.

Power Tools 4.2 also offers features that include an improved quarantined mechanism and server-based user rules.

For more information, visit Nemx Software's web site or call (in Canada) Tel: (613) 831-2010.

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