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New password auditing tool crosses platforms

@stake's upgraded LC 5 is an automated password auditing and recovery application for Windows and UNIX.

@stake Inc. recently announced LC 5, a new release of its L0phtCrack automated password auditing and recovery application.

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 The new version is a cross-platform Windows and UNIX solution, and features pre-computed password tables, which can reduce password auditing from hours to minutes, according to the company.

LC 5 features a wizard-based interface to configure, schedule and run comprehensive audits on Windows (2003, XP, 2000 and NT versions) and UNIX (multiple versions) accounts across the enterprise automatically and unattended.

Traditional password auditing tools use one or more of three basic techniques for password auditing and recover: dictionary, hybrid and brute force. Dictionary tools scan for words while hybrid tools scan combinations of both words and numbers. The brute force method, which can take days to run, scan an almost inconceivable number of letters, numbers and character combinations to root out passwords.

LC 5 can audit and uncover passwords no matter where they reside. Password data can also be obtained from system memory, SAM files and shadow files on UNIX.

For more information, visit or call (617) 768-2715.

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