A closer look at Outlook 2013


Reverting back to old Outlook interface in Outlook 2013

Source:  Contributor screenshot

If you prefer the older style Outlook interface -- with the fully visible folder names -- you can easily expand the pane on the left side of the interface to make them visible. When you do, links for Mail, Calendar, Contacts (now called People) and Tasks appear at the bottom of the interface just above the blue bar.

The blue bar also lists how many items exist in the currently selected folder, as well as how many of those items are marked as unread.

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the NEW OUTLOOK stinks how does one get back the OLD outlook??
totally agree!!!!

This extremely light and bright interface is a well planned, very clever and successful way to increase the physical pain for sufferers of photophobia.  I have to say that Microsoft are becoming more and more adept at increasing the problems and suffering of users with light sensitivity.  I applaud their efforts.

Is there any way of getting Microsoft to understand that yes, they can cause great physical pain to light intolerant people.  They have won this competition hands down.  Now could they use their keen, subtle minds to do an encore that consists of:

1. Have a facility that enables non-expert users easily to make changes to restore the less than satisfactory but considerably less pain-inducing colours of the previous version.

2. Allow for the blue screen for Word.

Totally agree with Blackmoon - I have just wasted an afternoon NOT downloading, or printing attached files.
Old system was NEVER a problem, and revised system is worse in every single respect. E-mail is a disaster now.
Microsoft has lost the plot.
Yeah. Microsoft thinks that all the things they do are correct.
Outlook 2016 is horrible. No new things for a general user. Just make life difficult by regrouping things around so that no one can find them and think that they have updated the software. All these are just marketing stuff to sell the product, but not to give good service. Unfortunately people stuck in it. I started using open source at home. no need to pay huge money, Getting used to open source is little bit difficult at the beginging. but it is not that bad these days thanks to all the open source programmers in the world.