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Email attacks that threaten networks and flood inboxes


Types of email attacks that will ruin your day and kill momentum

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Email is one of the most common entry points for attacking an enterprise. Several types of email attacks have proven effective for evil doers. These attacks require minimal resources to launch, yet are difficult to defend against. But enterprises can minimize the risk from email-based attacks with a few preventative security controls.

An enterprise can be the victim of spam, spoofing, denial-of-service attacks, phishing, and man-in-the-middle email attacks. The specific security controls to prevent harm vary between the different threats, but most email security network appliances provide protection against many of these attacks, with some administrative forethought and knowhow.

One of the most important steps to securing an email system is a well-trained administrative team with extensive knowledge of information security basics. The group supporting an Exchange system will have the most knowledge of how the email infrastructure is set up to implement necessary security controls and integrate them into the system to prevent an email-based attack.

What's the worst type of email attack? It's impossible to say -- some attacks hit from a network level and others attack at an application level.

Know what you're up against. Read on to prepare yourself for these devastating types of email attacks.

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