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Windows Server administrators: Take time to hone these skills


Top IT skills in demand shift as business climates change

Source:  enisaksoy/Getty Images
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Windows Server administrators need to know about the IT skills in demand and what new technologies are hot. The CIO could give a mandate to implement Docker containers, or a recruiter might reach out regarding a job that involves management of Linux servers.

The IT industry spans diverse fields and technologies, and sought-after skill sets tend to vary from one area of IT to the next. Developers, for instance, need a different set of capabilities than Windows Server administrators -- but the merging of skill sets in those positions continues to evolve at a rapid pace as DevOps takes root in more organizations. There are new ways to manage and deploy systems with innovative tools from vendors and open source projects arriving on an almost daily basis. The IT pro who stays current on IT skills in demand may help reduce costs or streamline tasks -- resulting in happier co-workers.

For Windows Server administrators, here are five essential skills that should continue to grow in demand in the near future.

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