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Windows Server administrators: Take time to hone these skills


Open source shift makes it vital to learn Linux administration

Source:  enisaksoy/Getty Images
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Why should Windows Server administrators -- on the opposite server OS track -- learn Linux administration? An important change made open source OS skills a hot commodity for Windows adherents.

In recent years, Microsoft has responded to growing customer demand and developed software and services to run on Linux. Microsoft added support for major Linux distributions on its Azure public cloud platform, introduced Bash shell to the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system and joined the Linux Foundation as a Platinum member.

Most IT workers may never use the Windows Bash shell, but there are still plenty of other reasons why Windows admins should learn Linux administration. In 2016, Microsoft made PowerShell, its automation and configuration tool, an open source project that can run on Linux and Mac OS platforms.

In 2016, Microsoft shared that it will release a Linux version of its SQL Server database application. It is only a matter of time before Windows admins will need to support Microsoft server applications tailored to run on Linux servers.

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