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Windows Server administrators: Take time to hone these skills


Network virtualization eases workload migrations to the cloud

Source:  enisaksoy/Getty Images
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

As many enterprises consider a transition to hybrid cloud, Windows Server administrators will better manage off-premises workloads and keep a tighter rein on the environment if they learn about network virtualization benefits.

Hybrid cloud provides self-service provisioning capabilities to authorized users within both public and private deployments. Hybrid cloud depends on the use of virtual network segments and components to isolate different networks in the environment.

To effectively control hybrid cloud environments, learn the different network virtualization stacks and the relationship between physical and virtual network resources.

Microsoft boosted network virtualization capabilities in Windows Server 2016 with the Network Controller server role. This technology, also part of the Azure cloud platform, helps administrators manage orchestration and troubleshooting on both the physical network layer and any virtualized networks in Hyper-V.

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