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Exchange Server 2007: Email archiving tips and hosted services trends

There are a lot of ways to handle email archiving in Exchange Server 2007. To help you zero in on what's best for your organization, we've enlisted nine-time Exchange MVP Missy Koslosky. Listen to this podcast series to hear some tips on email archiving tips, learn about the new archiving features offered in Exchange 2007 SP1, get specifics on what to consider when moving email and archiving plans to hosted services and more.

Developing an email archiving plan has become a large part of Exchange Server management. We've enlisted nine-time Exchange MVP Missy Koslosky to share some thoughts on email archiving in Exchange Server 2007. In part 1 of this podcast series, Koslosky gives some advice for properly developing an email archiving strategy and describes some new archiving features in Exchange 2007 SP1.

Exchange email archiving: Part 1

Duration: 6:24

1:04 - With mainstream support for Exchange Server 2003 coming to an end, some organizations are considering a move to Exchange Server 2007.

2:18 - A recap of email archiving features that have been enhanced in Exchange Server 2007 SP1.

3:37 - Tips for email archiving with Exchange Server 2007.

4:57 - Is a third-party email archiving product necessary for Exchange Server 2007?

Even though hosted services are beginning to surface more in Exchange organizations, some companies are reluctant to let their email go offsite. In the second part of our podcast series, Missy Koslosky explains what administrators should consider when looking to hosted email services.

Exchange email archiving and hosted services: Part 2

Duration: 4:41

0:36 - Hear some pros and cons of hosted email archiving vs. on-premise solutions in Exchange environments.

1:46 - What are customers looking for in Exchange Server 2010? Find out more about the platform that is built to be used as either a hosted service or on-premise platform.

3:42 - Letting go can be difficult -- even for Exchange customers. Find out if their grips are loosening.

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Missy Koslosky
Missy Koslosky is a nine time Exchange MVP and has managed Exchange Server organizations for the federal government, designed Exchange architectures for an ASP and worked as a consultant, helping organizations architect and deploy both Exchange and Active Directory. Koslosky is also coauthor of the Exchange Cookbook, published by O'Reilly in 2005, and author of many white papers on Microsoft technology and regulation.

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