What should I be asking a security vendor?

It's important for your Windows shop to be well-equipped with not only the best security products, but for you to also be ready to ask security vendors the right questions. Check out this podcast featuring SearchWindowsSecurity.com editor Dana Brundage as she comes to you with seven questions to ask a security vendor, written by Kevin Beaver.

It's easy to assume that security vendors are more interested in the money in their pockets than the security of your Windows system. If you know how to talk to your security vendors, though, it can better help you to implement only the systems that work best with your network. According to Windows security expert Kevin Beaver, "Network and security managers need to be asking tough questions on their terms in the context of their business," Kevin Beaver, author and security expert, says. "People internal to the business are the only ones who can and should make the final decision as to what products and services are a good fit." Learn exactly what you should be asking your security vendors in this podcast by SearchWindowsSecurity.com editor Dana Brundage.

Click here to listen to the podcast, "What you should be asking a security vendor."

If you'd prefer to read this tip, you can check out a print-friendly text version of "Questions to ask your security vendor," written by Kevin Beaver.

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