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Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz #30 XQuery: The XML Query Language

Think you know every trick in the book when it comes to XQuery? Test your knowledge here!

Think you know every trick in the book when it comes to XQuery? Test your knowledge here! Send your score to us for a chance to win a copy of Windows XQuery: The XML Query Language by Michael Brundage, courtesy of Addison-Wesley.
All answers to this quiz are found in the Sept 17-23 featured chapter download, but be warned - this quiz is designed to be challenging! Good luck!

How to take the quiz:
- After reading the question, note the letter of your answer. Check your answers by clicking the link to the answer key at the end of the quiz.
- Send us an e-mail telling us how you did to participate in our book giveaway this week.
NOTE: The weekly prize drawing is random - your score will not affect your chances of winning.
- To read more about a topic, open the chapter and locate the indicated page after each answer.

Chapter Quiz #30

1. How many node kinds does XQuery have?

a. 3
b. 5
c. 8
d. 9
e. None
f. Same as XPath
g. XQuery has no limit

2. Boolean values have the type xs:boolean, which derives from...

a. xdt:anyBoolean-Type
b. xs:anyAtomic-Type
c. xts:Boolean-Type
d. xtd:anyBoolean-Type
e. None of the above

3. This statement is NOT true:

a. XQuery is strongly-typed.
b. Numeric type promotion is unique to XQuery.
c. Sequence type matching is a complex process.
d. XQuery performs both dynamic and static type checking.
e. All the above are true.
f. None of the above are true.

4. What XQuery Accessor matches this type: namespace()*

a. attribute::*
b. fn:base-uri()
c. xs:QName?
d. child::node()
e. fn:node-kind()
f. xs:QName
g. fn:get-in-scope-prefixes()
h. (element() | document-node())?
i. xs:anyAtomicType?
h. fn:data()
j. fn:unique-id()

5. XQuery defines X numeric types, but you really only need Y of them. What is X and Y?

a. X=4, Y=3
b. X=6, Y=3
c. X=8, Y=3
d. X=16, Y=4
e. X=18, Y=6
f. X=18, Y=8


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