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Know-IT-all Chapter Quiz #9 Windows Server Undocumented Solutions

Think your network is running at optimal efficiency? Don't be so sure! Check your know-how and get a chance to win a copy of Windows Server Undocumented Solutions by Serdar Yegulalp, courtesy of McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media.

Think your network is running at optimal efficiency? Don't be so sure! We challenge you to test your know-how by taking our new quiz! Share the results with us and get a chance to win a copy of Windows Server Undocumented Solutions by Serdar Yegulalp, courtesy of McGraw-Hill/Osborne Media.

All answers to this quiz are found in the April 23-29 featured chapter download, but be warned - this quiz is designed to be challenging! Good luck!

How to take the quiz:
- After reading the question, note the letter of your answer. Check your answers by clicking the link to the answer key at the end of the quiz.
- Send us an e-mail telling us how you did to participate in our book giveaway this week.
NOTE: The weekly prize drawing is random - your score will not affect your chances of winning.
- To read more about a topic, open the chapter and locate the indicated page after each answer.

Chapter Quiz #9

1. Increasing the default TTL value above 32 can cause what kind of problem?

a. It may corrupt the network baseline table.
b. Some networks experience subnet instability.
c. Unless you manually reconfigure the MTU size, overall network performance may dip.
d. Some routers cap incoming packets and resets the TTL to 32.

2. By default, Terminal Services uses this TCP port:

a. 3387.
b. 3389.
c. 3487.
d. 3387, unless Xin XP is running Remote Assistance in which case the traffic is routed through 3487.

3. On some networks, getting a lot of TX-errors indicate that you have to adjust the Adaptive Transmit Threshold. In what way?

a. Set the value to 20 or less.
b. Set the value to about 50.
c. Set the value to about 200.
d. It's a trick question - this is ONLY an issue if your system has multiple bus mastering cards.

4. If you are configuring a firewall or router to pass mailslot messages, which UDP port MUST be available?

a. 4
b. 138
c. 572
d. 578

5. What is AFD.SYS?

a. It is a kernel-mode driver used to support applications employing Windows Sockets.
b. It is a Microsoft-developed support file for the Novell NetWare version of NetBIOS.
c. It is a driver for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).
d. A typo. The driver is called ADF.SYS.

6. This is NOT true of the IPX/SPX protocol:

a. IPX/SPX cannot be encapsulated over TCP/IP.
b. IPX/SPX only works on local networks.
c. IPX/SPX is non-routable.
d. IPX/SPX is highly self-configuring.

7. Disabling keep-alives can cause this unfortunate side-effect:

a. NetBIOS vulnerability may increase.
b. It may cause remote links to drop.
c. The proxy name server buffer may overflow during high traffic.
d. NetBIOS chatter increases and may create NetBT datagram buffer issues.

8. By default, Windows 2000 and 2003 use this MTU size:

a. 68
b. 576
c. 1492
d. 1500

9. The DWORD value TcpMaxConnectRetransmissions determines how many times the network stack will try to connect before aborting. But this value also governs something else. What?

a. The number of MAG timeouts.
b. The number of ARP timeouts.
c. The time allotted for each MAG timeout, increasing twofold with each attempt.
d. Both A and C.

10. Windows Server 2003 comes with 802.1x support, but Windows Server 2000 does not. What is the easiest way to give the latter 802.1x support?

a. You can't. The 'softies want you to buy Windows Server 2003 instead.
b. Your only option is a third-party solution.
c. Download a support package from Microsoft, but expect some manual tweaking.
d. Download a support package from Microsoft and you have the same setup as you do on Windows Server 2003.


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