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These tips and features will improve an Exchange, Windows Server or other Microsoft IT administrator's capabilities and present other resources to help develop skills that are in high demand. Learn how to use social networking to connect with peers, prepare for a Windows administrator interview and more.

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  • enterprise content management (ECM)

    Enterprise content management (ECM) is a set of defined processes, strategies and tools that allow a business to effectively obtain, organize, store and deliver critical information to its employees, business stakeholders and customers. To ... Continue Reading

  • Q&A: Will Microsoft artificial intelligence change your job?

    Technical architect Jason Wynn says the data center is already on the path to a more autonomous future due to the acceleration of Microsoft artificial intelligence efforts. Continue Reading

  • IT incident management

    IT incident management is an area of IT service management (ITSM) wherein the IT team returns a service to normal as quickly as possible after a disruption, in a way that aims to create as little negative impact on the business as possible. Continue Reading

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