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10 steps to free remote e-mail access

User Eric Arnett explains a ten step method to setting up remote email access. It only takes 5 minutes and it's free!

The boss needs remote access to his e-mail before going on vacation... tomorrow. You don't have OWA for Exchange 5.5, or any sort of remote access setup. What do you do? Take these 10 quick steps to setup remote access to their e-mail for free.

  1. Sign the person up to a free Web-based e-mail program if they haven't already done so (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc).

  2. Open your Exchange 5.5 administrator console and click on File, New Custom Recipient.

  3. Select Internet Address from the list and click OK.

  4. Type in the other pertinent fields and click OK.

  5. Open the properties for the user's regular mailbox.

  6. Click on the Delivery Options tab.

  7. Enter the Custom Recipient you just created in the Alternative recipient section.

  8. Make sure you check off Deliver messages to both recipient and alternate recipient and click OK.

  9. Reopen the Custom Recipient and go to the Advanced tab.

  10. Under the Custom Recipient Options, check the box marked Hide from address book and click OK.

You now have remote access to e-mail setup in about 5 minutes time, for no money, and no additional equipment. Not only is it remote access, but they can access it from any computer that has Internet access.

This option is also a viable solution if someone wants remote access while they are at a conference. When they return simply change the Alternate Recipient back to none on the user's regular mailbox. You can turn it on and off as you please. Just suggest to them to cc: any replies they send from the Web mail to their corporate account so they don't get lost when returning to work.

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