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12 ways to protect your Exchange 2003 data is excerpting a chapter of Mike Daugherty's new book, "Monitoring and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003." is excerpting here a chapter from Mike Daugherty's new book, Monitoring & Managing Microsoft...

Exchange Server 2003. The Chapter, called "Backup and Recovery Operations," contains a series of Tips that Mike has divided into several categories.

If you would like to download a .pdf version of Mike Daugherty's new book, Monitoring & Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, click here.

About the author: Mike Daugherty is Manager of the Microsoft Consulting Resource Unit for the Central Region as well as a Senior Solution Architect and Program Manager with HP Consulting and Integration Services. He travels widely, working with large Exchange installations and helping clients manage their systems. He is based in Texas.

This was last published in June 2004

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