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A story of garbled fonts

User submitted tip: A story of garbled fonts

Recently, I was in contact with a major virus scan supplier to remedy a problem that I encountered -- without a solution -- until last evening. Well, first I should explain what was going on.

Throughout the day yesterday, I noticed that some smaller text documents and Internet advertisements started to have garbled fonts or symbols appear. When I began to print anything of any size, the page was completly garbled. I reinstalled the printer several times with fresh drivers from a CD-rom. Same thing happened.

So I began to use virus scan to see if I could detect a virus. Nothing showed up. What I did at that point was to leave the entire virus scan program in active memory. Overnight, I did a total scan of my computer roughly ten hours with no Internet connection and blackout screen saver on.

The morning after everything was back to normal, running with no errors.

No one was able to explain the problem or label it with any virus, but what I did did take care of the garbled fonts. First time for anything! By the way, no other adjustments whre made and virus scan did not report a single incident before or after.

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