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Access multiple mailboxes with one account, part 2

Set up one account for multiple mailboxes, using forced authentication to access individual mailboxes.

Here's another way to do what Adesh Rampat explained in his tip, Access multiple mailboxes with one account. Essentially, you're setting up just one one account for multiple mailboxes, and forcing users to authenticate in order to access individual mailboxes in that account.

To access multiple mailboxes from one account:

  1. Create a profile for each user that will need to access his or her mailbox from the one machine.
  2. Edit each profile in the profile properties pages.
  3. On Microsoft Exchange Server page, under the Advanced tab, set Logon Network Security to None.
  4. Then, from Outlook properties, or Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Mail, select Show Profiles and set to "Prompt for a profile to be used."
  5. Now, each time a user selects his mailbox from the profiles, he will be required to authenticate by providing login credentials. Each mailbox will be secure with only the one user having access, leaving the machine connected under just one account.

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