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Add Notepad.exe to your Send To menu

One member finds it quite useful to add Notepade.exe to his Send To folder so he can view the raw content of any file.

Often times, I want to see the raw content of a file, no matter what the default association is or when there isn't a default association. Sure, I can do the OPEN WITH function from the right click menu, then jump to NOTEPAD. However, I've found it much easier to simply add a shortcut to my profile's SENDTO folder.

Find your SENDTO folder, and even perhaps add it to the 'DEFAULT USER' folder as well under:

C:Documents and Settingsyour profile directorySendTo

Simply add a shortcut for NOTEPAD.EXE here. I've also put shortcuts to other directories, and even my ZIP drive.

Note: SENDTO is usually a hidden folder, so be sure to turn on view hidden and system files/folders.

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