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Administer AD users and computers in another forest or domain

Administer AD Users and Computers in another Forest or Domain with this tip.

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When accessing the program to administer the AD user and computers in a different forest than the one your're on, create a shortcut icon on the desktop with the command syntax as follows:

  • runas /netonly /user:domainusername "command"

For example:

  • runas /netonly /user:microsoft.comjohndo "mmc.exe dsa.msc"

The domainusername must be a user with sufficient permissions to administer the domain. When prompted, type the account password. The command will not work if the DNS is not set up correctly in the reader's environment.

With this shortcut, you can administer the AD Users and Computers on domain A while your PC is logged into domain B. The DNS name resolution must work correctly. If you are on a machine in domain "A", you will need to be able to resolve the "srv" records for domain "B" -- in order to then connect my admin tools to domain "B".

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