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Advanced Intelligent Tape and utility clash

You may find that Advanced Intelligent Tape, a popular choice for backing up Windows systems, may not work with Windows backup utility, Ntbackup.exe.

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AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) is a popular choice for backing up Windows systems because of its combination of capacity, speed and reasonable price (AIT drives that connect via a USB generally run between $800 and $1,500.)

However, AIT doesn't always work with Windows backup utility, Ntbackup.exe.

If you attempt to back up with an AIT tape drive connected via a USB port, the backup may fail with the message:
Error: An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media.

According to Microsoft, this happens if the USB tape drive uses the USB storage driver (Usbstor.sys); an I/O problem can cause the backup or restore operation to fail.

The problem applies to most current Microsoft operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2000. (For a complete list of affected systems, see the Microsoft Knowledgebase article,;en-us;817765.)

XP users can fix the problem by installing the latest XP service pack. For the other systems, Microsoft has a hotfix available. As always, Microsoft does not recommend installing the hotfix unless you are suffering from the problem.

For Windows 2000 the hotfix requires that you have Service Pack 3 installed. There are no prerequisites for Windows Server 2003, and XP users who want to use the hotfix rather than the latest service pack need to have Service Pack 1a installed.


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