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Alleviate Outlook Web Access (OWA) email attachment security issues

Outlook Web Access email attachments are often exposed to unauthorized users. Learn about an OWA add-in that helps secure and manage email file attachments.

Messageware's AttachView, a third-party add-in tool for Outlook Web Access (OWA), provides additional security features for email attachments not available in a conventional OWA installation. AttachView helps alleviate security issues that occur when Outlook Web Access email attachments are viewed from computers accessible by multiple users.

The software tool converts attached files, such as Microsoft Word documents, into HTML pages that are only displayed over a secure connection. Web browsers do not cache copies of files delivered over a secure connection, so the document itself will not persist on the computer on which it is viewed.

AttachView has the ability to disable the print function for OWA email attachments. Administrators can also delegate OWA permissions by user, file, location or IP range, organizational unit, device type and file type. Attachments are not only secured in received email messages, but also in OWA contacts, appointments and public folders. AttachView can also block email attachments completely or prevent text from being copied to the clipboard.

Most of the tool's conversion features involve making Word documents more readable, such as hyperlinking tables of contents in a converted document. Among the newer features added is the ability to see change revisions in Word documents.

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AttachView supports more than 300 commonly used document types including PDF files and other Microsoft Office suite products.

A free trial version of the product is available; prices vary depending on the number of users and Exchange servers (front-end and back-end) in your organization.

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